Storjuktan is a lake in the municipality of Sorsele in Lapland that is part of the main catchment area of the Ume River. It is located about 10 kilometres from the town of Sorsele. The lake has a total area of about 7 square kilometres and a maximum depth of 8 metres.

The name Storjuktan comes from the Swedish word for “storträsk”. It is 32.4 metres deep and has an area of 55.2 square kilometres. The lake is 410 metres above sea level and drains itself.



Power plant on Swedish Lake Storjuktan

The lake is part of Storjuktan and Fjosoken, which are two lakes located in Sweden. The dam built in 1961 created a single lake with a length of six miles. The lake is popular for its beauty and the activities that can be done there, such as fishing, swimming, boating and sailing.

Storjuktan is a lake in Sweden. The water from the regulated Storjuktan was originally used in a pumped storage power plant at the Juktan power station that produced electricity for the Swedish grid. The lake is regulated by an artificial dam, which has been built on the Jukta River. The regulation of the lake ensures that it does not overflow and flood downstream areas. The dam is also used for recreational purposes and fishing during the summer.

Description of Lake Storjuktan in Sweden

The first new settlement at Storjuktan was Jukta, also called Storjukta or Juktå. It was built in 1939 and is located on the south side of the lake. The main purpose of this building was to provide accommodation for fishermen. The lake is located in Sweden and is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.


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