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Of all the boats in rally test, the Powerplay Boat was one of the most performance-oriented and most custom. Designed and built by professional offshore racer and company president Dan Weinstein. The Powerplay Sportdeck 25 is a no-nonsense, flat-out sportboat designed to compete with the best of them.

One of the most interesting features about the Powerplay boats is its unique hull design. It’s relatively wide (8’5″) for a true high-performance craft. With two nearly full-length lifting strakes and a 12-inch keel pad to maximize lift and reduce wetted surface, the Sportdeck 25 was remarkably stable. She thundered through the chop at over 70 mph. The wider hull design seems to eliminate tenderness and chine walking. Wide chines allow her to really grab the water and carve through tight turns at high speeds.



Incredible speed and pure fun on Powerplay 25 marine boat

With twin Mercury 2.4 EFI outboards, acceleration is near instantaneous. The 25 is available with a variety of both outboard and stern drive power packages. And though the cockpit layout is fairly traditional (two bucket helm seats plus aft benchseat), the helm station is not. To enchance the viewing angle, all instruments are individually mounted. The oversized engine trim and Kiekhaefer tab controls are placed for easy reach at any speed.

Powerplay’s Sportdeck 25 is designed to be run while seated, which is why optional flip-up deflectors are available and strongly recommended.

The wheel is rigged for action, complete with controls for both wheel tension and lock-to-lock range. That’s important feature on a true high-performance machine like this. There’s plenty of room beneath the foredeck for stowage or a V-berth, although access to this space is limited. But if you’ll be using that area regularly, tell Powerplay Boat. They’ll put a centerline cutout in the dash to failitate entrance and exit. That’s the adventage of dealing with a small company that intentionally build only 50 motor boats per year: you call the shots.

To sum up, the Powerplay Sportdeck 25 is not a boat for the masses, nor is it a boat for the novice. But if you’ve reached a level of sophistication in your high-performance boating where you’re ready for a no-holds-barred custom thriller built to your demanding specifications, call Powerplay.

Power Play 230 Conquest – do we have any more words to describe this beautiful boat?

In 1981, Todd Kamps worked for a boat builder in Grand Haven, Michigan, when he heard approximately several bureaucracy for an 18-metre-long sports activities boat sitting on a subject near Grand Rapids. He desired a sports boat, so he decided to rent a mildew with the idea of building his own, one-off boat. With the blessing of his organization, he set up a shop in an unused corner of the plant and, running nights and weekends, began building. He finished his boat the following summer, launched it and shortly became a part of the gadget of the surrounding lakes. Todd called his boats “Power Play”.

Within the summer of 1983 Todd and a friend of his determined to shop for the moulds and set up a ship making company. Using the authentic energy Play as a prototype, each modified the burden distribution, modified the deck to get more area within the cockpit and made different upgrades. “Six months once we started, we stop our job and commenced running full-time at electricity Play. From there we simply grew. Our income were growing with the aid of at least $1 million a year due to the fact that we commenced and we’ve possibly produced seven-hundred boats from 18 to 29 feet.

Nothing more but succes

And what’s the name of the game to powerplay boat’s success? Like the whole thing else, it is the attention to element. Take the Phillips head screws. The grooves in every head are aligned with the ones in every different head. that is even an item at the Powerplay satisfactory checklist. And performance? We tested our 230 Conquest mainly on Lake Macatawa, in which the southwest wind blew at 20 mph. however we additionally ran on Lake Michigan, in which they ran 3 to four ft. Taking them on bows, the 230 felt stable – now not moaning or squeaking. And the ride? tender and comfortable. after I returned to the small lake, everything calmed down so much that I may want to check greater information from the Powerplay 230.

The frame has a contoured footrest at an attitude this is installation to house shorter human beings, yet the snap shots are correct for common and tall sailors. i found out that i’m able to take a seat down and arise with no trouble, even without moving the chair from its complete role ahead. Sitting down, i discovered the throttle extra forward and to the aspect than i might have preferred. but when I got up, it was precisely inside the right position. status or sitting, I should without problems read a wellknown compass. Above it is an unrestricted view of the deck and water. The mixture of the peak and perspective of the windscreen presents true protection in opposition to wind and water, even when spraying over the bow.

Pure fun on powerplay boats

The windscreen body is solid, welded aluminium with imperative hornbeam. air flow hole in each corner of the Kokpit Conquesta Wind Bucket, 6′ by using 6′, lets in greater legroom than regular in front of the stern seat in powerplay powerboats. The sun cushion is similarly large, 74″ long and 28″ extensive, and the rear seat is sixty nine” huge. The swivel and adjustable front and rear seats are divided into sections in order that the individual cushions can be eliminated for alternative. there may be a strong stainless steel grip rail at once in the front of the accompanying person’s seat. below the elective snap-on carpet is a diamond anti-slip carpet for desirable traction with easy water drainage from the hose; water from the cockpit enters the bilge thru a 3-inch cause and is drained by one computerized bilge pump. The optional cockpit table is placed beneath in the front placing cabinet and suits either in the cockpit or within the cabin. The ski compartment under the cockpit sole is 6’8″ lengthy and 15″ deep.

The facet compartment is adjacent to the wheelhouse and the seats for accompanying humans and is four and five ft lengthy and approximately four inches huge respectively. The best very wellrail surrounds these aspect compartments, the door to the accompanying folks’ booths and the glove compartment. beneath is a well finished, nicely-maintained, snug cabin with dealing with seats for companions, a V-slot, 50″ excessive overhead, indirect lighting behind upholstered aspect cabinets and 4 elliptical ports with displays. greater lockers are placed underneath the berth, protected with teak rather than fir wood hatch covers.

Show must go on with powerplay boats

The hatch in the engine compartment is without problems lifted, supported by gas jacks. in the cabriolet is folded and stored within the stern, and in the back of the bulkheads there is a facet compartment that can be dismantled for whole get entry to to the engine. The conquest is made of a hand-laid fiberglass mat, a 24-ounce woven webbing and biaxial glass, with a balsa core and Coremat in decided on locations. The floors and palms are connected by a hand-laid fiberglass mat and resin. the entirety on board is attached by way of through-screws within the service plates. collectively with the options, our take a look at boat has a list charge of about $36,000.

The big tickets on our boat are the MerCruiser’s Silent preference exhaust gadget (about $1200) a personalized, colour-matched bunk-fashion trailer with surge brakes (approx. $3,000), and a 7.4-litre MerCruiser Bravo One (approx. $1,500). Floating platform options include: full width solid teak floating platform alternative or bolt-on moulded fibreglass choice. both way, the platform is ready 9 “centimetres from the water, and consists of a two-level swimming ladder at the left. And in case you intend to stay overnight, an optional unit is to be had which incorporates a sink, cooker and even a fridge. one of the alleged blessings of a massive builder over a small one is that the economies of scale allow him to offer greater boats for much less cash.

The conquest seems to fly in the face of this theory because it is reasonable in comparison to different pinnacle fine sports activities boats, even though in some cases the listing of fashionable device is shorter. but, Powerplay 230 boat does now not surrender anything in terms of performance, quality or styling. that is even extra excellent when you do not forget that this dressmaker is not seven years antique yet.


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