Sportfish boat

In a Sportfish pilot boat the helmsman has a well and comfortably seated helmsman’s seat with ergonomically placed controls. Incredibly good visibility, but also very well lit cockpit. This is due to the large side windows and windscreen across the entire width of the cab.

Today, the difficult life of angling can only be heard from stories, because the equipment and techniques available to today’s fishermen have turned this heavy bread with seven skins into a slightly softer bite. Heavy wooden oars and Latin sails have been replaced by marine and outboard engines and wooden rods by fibreglass formwork. For professionals, this is still tedious and hard physical work, but recreational athletes now use a huge amount of equipment and aids to facilitate fishing. Apart from equipment, the offer of vessels, which used to be based on plastic versions of traditional boats, has been enriched with faster and better equipped models.

Recommended fishing spots in Europe:

As you can expect from a modern motorboat with this profile, this is a rather comfortable boat, which is not strictly specialized in fishing and can be used for other purposes. What we mean here is primarily the recreational and family aspect of using the sportfish boat. In the case of a vessel, multifunctionality often means that the vessel is nothing special. In the case of the sportfishing, this is not the case, the emphasis is more on the angling part, while the recreational family is somewhat on the sidelines. The summer cruise will be more comfortable on a dedicated boat, but real winter fishing will be a complete experience.