Merry Fisher 725

The Merry Fisher 725 for sale is a boat that was specifically designed to meet the needs of modern fishermen. The boat is built for speed, fuel efficiency and living space. An open cockpit is a great way to experience the thrill of fishing. Boat speed from the Jeanneau shipyard is provided by a very economical and efficient outboard engine. The sundeck is ideal for family outings, as it offers plenty of room to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Merry Fisher boats at good price are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of boating without spending a fortune. For a boat at this price range, it is quite surprising to find that they rival top-of-the-range cabin cruisers. They are increasingly well equipped and comfortable. The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 725 boat is not only affordable but also offer quality and style.

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The Merry Fisher 725 is a new type of boat in Europe that has many features that make it stand out from the rest.

It’s designed to be a high-end yacht with all the modern comforts and conveniences you would expect on board. The best thing about this boat is that it can be used in many different ways. It also has several features that make it great for families, fishermen, and friends. You can decide for yourself in which specifications you will buy your dream boat from the Jeanneau shipyard so popular in the UK.

The Merry Fisher 725 is one of the most compact models in the entire range of vessels from its family-owned French shipyard. Its compact dimensions allow it to be transported on a trailer. The cockpit of this boat is large enough for four people to rest or fish on it peacefully and comfortably. At the same time, the length and width of the hull allow easy and efficient movement in port.

The cabin is place where you spend most of your time while traveling in Europe.

Interior should be comfortable, spacious and well equipped with all the necessary amenities. The Merry Fisher 725 for sale has a double bed in the bow and a fold-out bed for another two people, some storage space and a toilet that is separate from the rest of the cabin. It also has a galley with a kitchenette and dining area equipped with a refrigerator and stove, extras we get at good price.

With the optional cabin and sun awning, swimming will become comfortable and possible in all weather conditions. No matter what the weather is like, you can go alone, with family or a group of friends on a water tour of your favorite routes.

Jeanneau 725 for sale V-shaped hull is a type of hull with dimensions whose design feature helps reduce drag on the boat.

The boat has a hull with a high rudder, typical of Merry Fisher. It is very pleasant even in a rather rocky sea. This boat model does not come in an offshore version, but it is ideal for inland and coastal waters, is perfect for those who are looking for a recreational boat that can be used on the sea or in lakes. It has a 150 horsepower Yamaha outboard engine at good price which provides stable navigation and a cruising speed of 17 knots which is very lively and it doesn’t have much fuel consumption.

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7.15 m


2.75 m

Engine max

150 HP

Fuel tank

200 l

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