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Welcome to The Yachters Club. The Club was founded in 1999 with the intention of bringing about further knowledge of the motorboats from Europe. Being a databank with its emphasis on solving problems related to these classic boats. The Yachters also arranges meetings and rallies etc. between owners and those like-minded to the motorboats cause. A number of times a year a newsletter with the latest news is posted and we, of course, receive the quarterly “The Yachters International” from the UK. The club is run on a nonprofit basis and all jobs are unpaid.

Since march 2010, The Yachters has been on the Internet with this web site. Hopefully, along the road, it will be an important intermediary and contact between the members.

Any one interested can be admitted as members. If you want membership of The Yachters as well is the subscription please contact us.

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