Larson bowrider

Larson Boats’ All-American series runabouts are built for family-oriented recreation. To this end, the Larson All-American 190 Bowrider offers an assortment of cockpit configurations, engine options, and conveniences to appeal to the modern American family in its many varieties.



 Larson bowrider All-American 190 beautiful and practical design

The bowrider boat 190 is available with three seating configurations. The Standard, shown here, features an upholstered engine box flanked by jumpseats. Also driver’s and companion seats back-to-back against two aft-facing seats.

The Larson All-American 190 Sport version offers a full-width sunpad/engine hatch. The spaces underneath, flanking the engine, are finished for stowage; and an athwartship benchseat is added at the forward end of the sunpad/hatch. Driver and co-pilot enjoy swiveling, wrap around bucket seats in this arrangement.

Still a third seating configuration is offered in the powerboat 190 Special Edition. It features L-shaped bench seating aft and to starboard. The driver retains his bucket seat, and there is an optional companion-way-facing refrigerator snugged under the port dash where the co-pilot’s legs would go in the Standard and Sport versions.

Bowrider Larson 27 offers a variety of engine options with ratings from 110 hp to 245 hp. Company test figures show that the 190 is capable of 50 mph with a single MerCruiser 5.7L (230 php). That’s more than adequate for most families. The MerCruiser 3.0L will still move this bowrider along at a 35 mph clip, but with better economy.

A Passion for Boating since 1913 with bowrider Larson

All Larson models ride on the patented Delta-Conic hull form. The bow sections have conically shaped surfaces extending from keel to chine, providing a clean, soft entry. “Delta-shaped” aft sections (with a constant 20-degree deadrise) afford an excellent planing surface. Also, wide-lipped, slightly reversed chine flat helps dampen transverse motion. Additionaly stabilize the boat in hard turns. The reverse chine flat forward also makes for a drier ride by deflecting spray.

The cockpit configuration in All American 190 boat

The cockpit configuration on our Larson boat featured back-to-back jump seats convertible to sun lounges.

Larson has also patented a hull construction process it calls Americore. Involving a sandwich of high-density foam between two layers of fibreglass laminate. That helps to achieve desirable strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratios.

Indeed, Larson bowrider credits Americore construction, which is available on boats up to 20 feet in length, with the smooth, stable performance of these boats, as it discourages hull flexing at high speed. According to the company, the foam center is an effective floatation material. It’s also an excellent sound insulator that contributes to a smooth and quiet ride.

Larson demonstrates its confidence in the 190 and all its models by providing a one-year comprehensive limited warranty. Additionally there’s a two years of coverage for the hull.

Optional features for the Larson motor boat include an in-dash depthsounder, trim gauge, and a stainless steel boarding ladder. A tonneau cover with side and aft curtains will enhance all-weather utility, as will full glass windshield side wings.

With three diffrent seating configurations, a long list of engine and amenity options, The Delta-Conic hull, and Americore construction, Larson boats embody noteworthy value for families who like nothing better than to spend a weekend together.


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