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The Antares 7 boat is a new, innovative boat design that promises a wealth of new discoveries, coastal sailing experiences and freedom of movement. The Beneteau Antares 7 for sale features a sleek design that ensures stability in high seas and a strong hull that enables the vessel to withstand rocky shores. For those who want the ultimate freedom of movement with their boat, Beneteau 7 offers just that – thanks to its open deck design!

The Antares 7 OB at good price is easy to transport by road, which is advantageous for those who want to take their boat on the road. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble. The boat can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes, which means you don’t have to spend hours on end assembling your boat before you can use it!  You can hang your favorite outboard engine, recommended for this model, Beneteau shipyard, are Yamaha engines , check the outboard engine price yourself!

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Exterior design by Beneteau shipyard recognized throughout europe and the world

The Antares 7 boat is a prime example of the new age of boating. It’s a vessel that’s designed for speed, performance, and style. The Beneteau Antares is a boat for sale, is equipped with a range of high-tech features to make it as efficient as possible. It has an integrated touchpad system with built-in navigation and instrumentation, so you can stay on course without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. This new Beneteau Antares 7 have got very good review  asserts its own character while retaining the characteristic features of the Antares range.The Antares 7 at good price range is a series of warm and welcoming boats with a robust and characterful feel. The new addition to this range is no exception to this rule, being just as welcoming and friendly as the other units in the family, but with its own unique personality. The dimensions of this boat allow the cockpit to be located in the front of the boat and can be accessed through the gangway. The gangway is moved to one side of the boat and facilitates access to the front solar panel.

The Antares 7 price and interior design

The amount of work and care that the designers at Beneteau must have put into creating such a unique motorboat silhouette translates into a saloon that features an attractively placed helmsman’s seat, where you can keep tabs on your fuel consumption. The cabin cruiser is fitted with an all-black dashboard in a single piece, which elegantly compliments the boat’s overall finish. Bright interior, beautiful views around the passengers, good ventilation, all this is provided by numerous glass windows and vents which in the list of specifications for the boat are standard. The numerous storage compartments and modularity of the cabin make life on board very comfortable. There are many different ways to set up a cabin, as not all are designed the same. On the Beneteau 7 OB, some cabins can be modified or expanded as needed; others offer more privacy than others or have more storage space for items.

How about a Beneteau Antares 7 OB in a fishing version?

The aft benchseat is replaced by a fishing station equipped with rod-holders, cup-holders, and a livewell this is the most popular way to fish from an aft deck in UK. The livewell is the place where fishermen keep their catch so it will stay alive. The livewell is usually located to port, and the boat’s fishing equipment is stored in the space on the opposite side of the boat. The boat that you can buy is equipped with a gangway that has a starboard side and a port side. The starboard side is where additional storage space can be found. The dream fishing boat Antares 7 from the French shipyard can be equipped with a wide range of outboard engines, in power from 20 to 200 horsepower. Individually selected by the customer, the core is the main engine, it is the one that will serve us to move on the sea between fishing grounds, most of the time. It is worth buying an additional spare engine that, in case of failure of the main unit, will lead us safely to port.

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7.48 m


2.53 m

Engine max

200 HP

Fuel tank

170 l

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