International Houseboat is set up with the intention of gathering information about the produced houseboats, and their whereabouts. Year of build, build (hull) number, colour, model, name of vessel, earlier names of vessel, if possible a photo, and in which country they are moored, are details gathered in the Register. Everybody is urged to mail information about their Houseboat they might know of. Any piece of information has interest, even about vessels sunk or burned or in other way has disappeared from the surface.

The story of The Houseboat is never written. May be due to the fact, that all files and information seems to be scattered to the winds, or worse, may be shredded, when JCL and Marine International was liquidated in the end of the 1980’ies.

We are however going to give it a try, and are calling for everyone who might be in possession of knowledge or material about the Houseboat. People who can tell something about the approval at Lloyds, about the production, the factory, the moulding, the sales, the employees, you name it. People who can tell where all the files went, may be who has them stored in the attic. We are interested in names, places, events, brochures, catalogues, photos and images, boat show leaflets, whatever, just on loan.

Pictures should be marked on the back with names of the persons and places pictured, date of exposure, and of course name of the sender.

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