Arvor boats

Long gone are the days when boats used for fishing were 'marked' with everything left on them after fishing. The standard of equipment has risen and fewer and fewer people are using boats purely as 'work boats'. The owners of one Arvor boat are increasingly spending their time at sea sailing with their families, keeping them comfortable by equipping the boat with everything necessary for a multi-day trip as standard. And if it's a vessel with American roots, it's much more pronounced.

Australian Arvor boats for sale in Europe at good price

The Arvor brand boat is a true professional, both for safe sailing and fishing and for a pleasant multi-day stay at sea. As there is no "squeezing" by American standards, everything is done with space and quality. Although the entrance through the bow should bypass the platform with electric winch, guide and anchor handle, which can be inconvenient when the sea is clear, all other communication is safe. The runner of the bow section is protected at the bottom by a dead zone up to knee height and a stainless steel fence at a safe height.

Quicksilver Arvor boats for sportfishing and joyful time with your family

The cockpit of the Arvor boat takes up more than half the length of the entire craft and there is nothing to get in the way of fishing except perhaps the bonnet. But this is a necessary evil and a logical consequence of lowering the cockpit floor to achieve high and secure sides.

Underneath the entire self-emptying cockpit are storage compartments to accommodate all necessary and unnecessary fishing and other equipment. One detail that, apart from its functionality, also affects the aesthetics of Arvor sportfish boats is the live bait pool located in the transom. And it wouldn’t be anything special if the wall on the cockpit side wasn’t made of transparent Plexiglas, so it looks like an aquarium where you can observe squid, cuttlefish or worms, depending on the skill and liking of the fishermen on board. The pool-acquarium does not go down to the cockpit floor, but there is a recessed niche where the hydraulic rudder cylinder is located. Above, on the rudder shaft, there is a reception area for the auxiliary aluminium ore (in case the hydraulics fail for any reason) which is standard equipment.

On the port side of the Quicksilver Arvor boat there is an exit to the stern platform, which makes it much easier for “tourists” whose main reason for going to the seaside is swimming to stay on board. It is also useful for mooring at the stern.

A regular pilothouse cabin boat with inboard diesel engine

Thanks to the narrow roof supports, visibility from all sides is excellent and sufficient fresh air is provided by small side windows that open upwards and prevent water ingress in almost all situations. At the front of the cabin is a large V-shaped bed with a central insert that can be moved and under which is a chemical toilet. That the Arvor boats are basically designed for fishing is evident from the cushions covered in sky rather than canvas, and also the fact that the sides and ceiling of the cabin are not upholstered but covered with a top layer.

The part that somehow best shows what this boat is used for is definitely the cockpit. The high-sided cockpit, designed to accommodate fishing tackle, provides workspace for multiple anglers at once. There are folding wooden benches on the sides and a fixed bench with storage space if required. Additional storage space is located in the cockpit floor. These are side storage compartments, while in the central area is the engine compartment, which contains the fuel tank in addition to the built-in engine. Arvor boats are equipped with either inboard Volkswagen or MerCruiser Diesel engines.