Arvor 280 AS

For the first time a bow thruster has been fitted to an Arvor boat to facilitate manoeuvring in ports and on moorings. Speed ranges are high, should you need to escape bad weather or the like, developing higher speeds is something that is not a problem for a boat with such a diesel drive. At higher speeds the noise is not pleasant to the ear, which is not surprising. The Arvor 280 AS, with its very powerful drive, can do what conceptually similar craft will not. The boat is designed for classic sailing and performs best in such conditions.


Quicksilver 280 AS – interior of sportfish boat with all accessories

The lower deck hides a few conceptual surprises that can also be seen on Guernsey boats, which along with Arvor belong to the same Brunswick product group. A steep wooden staircase leads to the central Arvor 280 area, so that the large and spacious double bed tucked under the stern is only visible when fully lowered into the cabin. The forward berth, on the other hand, doesn’t offer much luxury due to its width, as in addition to the generous toilet space it is also limited by the kitchenette located to the side of the forward section.

The biggest surprise of the Arvor is the kitchenette located deep below deck and we did not expect this in this location. To work in the kitchen you have to move part of the bed and the floor, and all the things you need to work in the kitchen can be stowed in the classic under-bed storage or in the cabinet in the central area. The galley offers only the basics and is not intended for cooking. The Quicksilver Arvor 280 AS is also equipped with a tap with running water and a cooker, and an oval window is installed above the cooker to ventilate the room and remove steam from cooking. This concept should come as no surprise. Those looking for a boat purely for cruising should bypass this boat, but those who, in addition to an enviable level of comfort, also want a pilothouse equipped and suitable even for professional fishing are in the right place.

Used Arvor 280 Deluxe for sale – the largest pilothouse boat with diesel inboard engine

On both sides of the cockpit, the Arvor 280 has wooden slats with two pole holders, and a roller for easy lifting of the net, longline, top. There is a classic storage compartment in the cockpit, which can also serve as a bait pool, but without the flow. The bait pool is not ordinary. You could say that it is like an aquarium, because it has glass inserted from the inside, so whether it is a small catch or a lure, at any time we can see what condition our animal is in. A few other practical details are worth mentioning. In addition to the side drawer for storing fishing equipment, an interesting detail is the shower with cold and hot water on the passage to the aft platform and the stainless steel rails on the stern. Placed in this way, the shower, in addition to being used for bathing after leaving the sea, is within easy reach when rinsing fish and the cockpit of traces of fishing. Please be welcomed to Mjörn Lake for best fishing.

The considerable spaciousness of the 280 AS cockpit, looking at the longitudinal layout, took up little of the wheelhouse, which is also a small lounge. Accustomed to the standard concept of such boats, we were a little surprised that there was no galley in the saloon. Just behind a sliding door on one side is a round bench with a round table, and on the other side is a box we thought contained kitchen items and on which is a very comfortable adjustable skipper’s chair with armrests. What we didn’t mention when we mentioned the side passage is the sliding door on the helmsman’s side, which allows the helmsman to quickly get out to the bow or stern. Thanks to the large glass walls, visibility from the wheelhouse of the Arvor 280 is excellent, and additional protection from sun and rain is provided by the canopy.

In sailing there is no climbing due to the large mass and good weight distribution, and for the same reason there is no stern sway or drift during sharper turns. This marine SUV plays it safe and ensures safety in all sea conditions, which is important for anglers, both amateur and professional, because at any time with Arvor you can get to and from the fishing spot without thinking about safety.

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9.50 m


2.99 m

Engine max

320 HP

Fuel tank

390 l

Water tank

137 l

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