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The price regards to well equipped Quicksilver Activ 675 Weekend boat with Mercury outboard.

Boats from the Quicksilver shipyard also include open-deck vessels and comfortable family yachts from the Weekend line one of them is the Quicksilver 675 Weekend price boat. The interior design of the wheelhouse is quite grand, elegant, with an upholstered steering wheel and dark dashboard , the interior dimensions seem quite spacious. Unfortunately, the designers have overlooked one minor error in the layout of the helmsman’s station. The steering wheel is placed too deep, next to the saddle. Even if you move the seat as far back as possible, you have it almost behind your back. Fortunately, this problem occurred only in the prototype copy, in the next iterations of the Quicksilver 675 model for sale this problem has been eliminated and we don’t have to worry about this minor flaw which in total did not affect the sensational final rating anyway.

Visibility from behind the helm is enviable. In the Quicksilver Active 675 Weekend the windows in the superstructure do not have any additional brackets that limit visibility in any way. Instead, they are openable, which improves cabin ventilation. Even in very sharp turns, visibility is always incredibly good. Aside from the uncomfortable rudder position, the cabin boat handles very well. It is maneuverable, even on sharp turns it does not get into cavitation.

Quicksilver 675 Weekend for sale, is a very attractive, bold and nicely finished family boat for very reasonable money in this category . I think it is an excellent alternative for our lakes and coastal waters.



Quicksilver 675 Weekend price, cut and elegance, best cabin boat review

Quicksilver 675 Weekend cabin boat is a yacht designed primarily for comfortable family recreation. Of course, nothing prevents you from fishing from the deck of the Weekend, but this type of activity was not a priority when designing the line and equipment of the boat. Here the focus was on comfort and attractive design. The Quicksilver 675 Weekend for sale looks like a magically scaled-down, large family yacht with 2 or 3 guest cabins. Despite its small size, the boat retains its impeccable silhouette and boat dimensions, and the glass superstructure does not give the impression of having been transferred from another boat. At the bow of the yacht is a large mattress designed to enjoy sunbathing for up to two people, also known as a sun mattress which you can choose from the specifications of this boat, in the spacious cockpit comfortable sofas aft and port side, and in the middle a large folding table an option so often chosen by UK boat customers. Two expansive bathing platforms have been placed to starboard and port of the outboard engine price. The side passageways from the cockpit to the bow are not as wide as on Pilothouse boats, but there is considerably more space in the salon of this vessel than on similarly sized boats designed for fishing from the Quicksilver boat yard.

Europe is a quality workmanship and rich equipment, Quicksilver boat 675 weekend for sale

On the right side of the salon is the galley with cabinets, sink, gas stove and refrigerator, located under the captain’s seat of the ship. Opposite the galley Quicksilver 675 Weekend price is arranged the dining room with two sofas, between which we have a folding table. After lowering it and filling it with a mattress, we gain additional sleeping space. The backrest of the front sofa can be rearranged, and when rearranged it turns into a very comfortable navigator’s chair. Interior this amazing boat, in the sleeping cabin we have a wide double bed and a separate cabin with a sink and an electric marine toilet. It is bright and spacious for such a boat size. The sleeping cabin is open and is connected to the salon without any obstructions. The 675 Weekend to Buy is a great yacht for a family of 3-4 people. If you are not a fan of fishing, but prefer to have a more comfortable living space, the Weekend will certainly be a good option for your vacation.

Tests, outboard engine loads, its fuel consumption and maximum performance

The Quicksilver 675 was tested with a 225 hp Yamaha outboard engine. And it was with this model that there was an opportunity to check the fuel burn rate. The graphs look very promising. Quicksilver Activ 675 Weekend reached a top speed of 31 knots during these demanding tests. It took only 19 seconds to accomplish this. It took less than 5.2 seconds to pull the boat into the slip. At speeds of 21-23 knots, the most pleasant way to drive this boat was to keep the engine rpm between 4100 and 4500 rpm. That’s when the noise was most pleasing to the ear and all you had to do was hold the steering wheel to stay on course.


Additional information


6.94 m


2.50 m

Engine max

225 HP

Fuel tank

200 l

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