MasterCraft Prostar 190

If you read boating magazines or visit the boat shows, you’ve seen a new trend in skiboats. Take a legitimate tournament boat, put a bowrider area in front, maybe stretch it a bit and fiddle with bottom for a smoother ride, add some amenities, and aim it at people who consider themselves boatmen first and skiers second. It’s a good idea, because traditional skiboats have a lot to recommend them- superb construction, outstanding quality, a simple powertrain, and the best wakes around- and taking some of the purely competitive edge off them will make them appeal to more people. But if you take your waterskiing seriously, and if you demand the pool-table wake that the pros ski on, only a true tournament skiboat will do. And there Is no “truer” tournament boat than the MasterCraft Prostar 190.



MasterCraft Prostar 190 perfect for ski lovers

Holder of seven world waterski records and still popular enough to account for 60% of MasterCraft’s sales, the Prostar 190 is serious stuff for the serious skier. Throttled up to the low to mid-thirties, it produces the soft, flat wake slalom skiers love. Down in the low 205 trick skiing territory—the day cruiser Prostar generates a slightly larger, sharper wake, ideal for executing aerials. In the low 40s, near its top speed, the wake is still flat and relatively undisturbed, perfect for Gonzo barefooters. In Three bottom tracking fins ensure straight-line performance no matter how hard a skier cuts.

Time to plane is good, 3.79 seconds, but the real story is the power available on tap, enough to jerk one or two skiers out of the water virtually instantaneously, thanks to a combination of Indmar’s torquey Model 351 and an optional 13″x13″ four-bladed stainless steel propeller working through a 1:1 Borg Warner transmission. Looking for more power? Indmar’s boat Model 454 is an option. Everywhere you look on the Prostar boat you see quality. In MasterCraft Prostar 190 driver’s bucket seat is comfortable, supportive, and adjustable fore and aft. The aft-facing observer bench to port is obviously less supportive laterally but still comfortable and suitable for two.

Equipment of Prostar 190 boat adapted to water sports

Flip the seat back up and you’ll find a lighted stowage compartment with room enough for ski vests, fenders, and other moderately-sized items. Upholstery, done in-house by MasterCraft Prostar 190, displays tight, flawless stitching.The instrument panel is complete, with 24″ gauges for battery volts, fuel level, water temperature, and oil pressure, as well as a 4″ tachometer. Dominating the panel are twin Airguide adjustable speedometers, which, you may be interested to know, matched our radar gun mph for mph. Everything is located to avoid visual interference with the wheel and is surrounded by matte black to minimize glare. Of course not all is business, even on a skiboat like this. Our test boat was equipped with a Kenwood AM/FM stereo with four speakers, a $604 option and judging from its sound, worth every penny. Other “frivolities” worthy of note include the flawless white hull with emerald accents. Naturally you’ll be too dedicated to worry about such things, but just in case you may want to note that MasterCraft boat also offers the powerboat Prostar in platinum (the color, not the metal), as well as six matching accent hues. Not so visible but equally important is the fact that no wood is used in a MasterCraft powerboat, including stringers and that the engine mounts are of galvanized steel secured by bolts that tap into laminated-in 1/4″ plate. That explains in part why MasterCraft day cruiser backs the Prostar’s hull with a 10-year limited warranty.

Solid and durable MasterCraft 190 board

The fiberglass work isn’t the only thing seamless in this boat. The word flawless applies elsewhere, as well. For example, MasterCraft Prostar 190 lays heavy weight carpet over the Prostar’s solid fiberglass sole and stowage compartments before the deck is mated to the hull. That gives the installers more room to work and means you won’t be able to find a seam anywhere. One word of note about the Prostar’s boats Indmar engine: it’s pretty. You’ll find flawless (there’s that word again) engine paint, custom MasterCraft cruiser valve covers, and chrome accents galore, right down to the pulleys. And if you ever have to do serious work on it, simply remove the two cover hinges and you’ve got enough elbow room to do major surgery. An oil- change system is standard. Coupled to our Model 351 MasterCraft’s “Silent Rider” muffler system, claimed to reduce engine noise out- side the boat by 80% at 30 mph. We couldn’t verify that, but we can tell you the 20% that’s left is a very pleasing rumble. Thanks to generous acoustical insulation on the inside of the cover and a tight fit when closed, sound levels inside the boat are moderate as well, as evidenced by our test numbers. Recommended world place for water sports: Lelång lake.

Unprecedented soft sound of the MasterCraft day cruiser

If MasterCraft Prostar 190 ever figures out a way to snub the sound that exits through the engine compartment’s air intakes, you could practice Transcen- dental Meditation between slaloms. Once you stop enjoying this boat from the end of a tow rope, you’ll especially appreciate its teak swim platform large enough to sit on comfortably while adjusting your ski bindings and easily accessible from the water. If you’re something less than a dyed-in- B the-wool skier and you’re considering this or any tournament skiboat, a word of warning: tankage. At six pounds per gallon, it doesn’t take a lot of gasoline to throw off the trim of a skiboat, so the rule is to carry just enough to get the job done. Twenty-five gallons, this boat’s capacity a and fairly average for the type, will not allow you to set any endurance records, as you can see from our test results. If you can keep the Indmar’s Holly carburetor on just two barrels, you might get three hours of fun with a safe reserve. Give in to the temptation to feel a real pull and you can easily halve that. Opt for the Model 454 and you better keep the fuel dock in sight. Those of you who don’t own waterfront property will be happy to know that at 2,200 pounds dry, the Prostar can be easily hauled around by most mid-sized cars and light trucks, especially if you order MasterCraft’s boats matching custom trailer. It has an especially neat feature: a self-centering, spring-loaded bow clamp that snaps onto the bow eye. No more cables, cranking, or winching. MasterCraft is a name synonymous with serious skiboats and the Prostar 190 is their purest towing machine. That’s all you need to know about this day cruiser boat.


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