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The Merry Fisher 795 boat is the successor to the very popular Merry Fisher 755. Although the design philosophy has remained the same, at first glance you can discover some innovations that will make this model recognisable and most likely just as successful. First of all, the wheelhouse side window, which has been enlarged in the middle section, which has changed the side silhouette, but more importantly, there is much more light in the saloon.

But let’s start with the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 for sale at good price and observe: from the bow! Climbing aboard through the bow is a little more complicated due to the large anchor with a guide sticking outwards. However, those who are more skilled should have no problems as there are well positioned rails. The cabin roof of the Jeanneau 795, when a comfortable mattress is placed, turns into a large sundeck whose only drawback is the slope, but everyone will find a suitable comfortable position on it. The bulwarks are wide enough to make moving around as safe as possible. There are also handrails on the roof of the wheelhouse, so there will be no problems with moving around on deck.

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Comfortable and stylish cockpit in Merry Fisher 795 boat for sale

The cockpit shows all the splendour of the Merry Fisher 795, thanks both to its square footage and its high-quality ergonomics. The aft bench in Merry Fisher boat is well offset towards the engine to gain a few centimetres of usable space. In addition to the aft bench, there is also a side bench, which together with the cabin creates one large space with a table in the middle. On the Jeanneau 795 for sale is also a large locker for deck equipment and a fuel tank in the cockpit floor. As the left side is reserved for the seating set, the right side is conveniently passable. The secret is that the platforms still align with the aft of the hull, so now they look huge.

The interior of the Merry Fisher 795 boat is entered through a three-part sliding door, which until now has been reserved for higher class boats. With this concept, in addition to a more comfortable passage, this has also translated into better ventilation, and the feeling of connecting the saloon with the cockpit is much better. On the port side of the saloon there is a seating set consisting of two benches and a table in the middle, which can be lowered and transformed into a comfortable bed if required – everything in standard price. It is here that the enlarged glass surfaces we noted at the outset come to the fore, providing much more light but also, perhaps more importantly, leaving a huge impression and unobstructed view of the sea.

Arrangement in Jeanneau 795 Cabin Cruiser – boat specifications

Closer to the aft bench, a fridge is installed to give more space in the galley, while the bench closer to the bow has a folding backrest, which means that in navigation on the Merry Fisher Cabin Cruiser you can sit on it facing forward. In this powerboat it is a very interesting solution especially for those who intend to take this boat out on longer cruises, as the helmsman has his own position and with good company no trip is too long. The galley block (standard specifications) on the Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 starboard side is not very large, but it is very well organised, which means that it will easily do all the things you expect it to do. There is a single burner cooker, a sink with a lid that turns it into a work surface and a dishwasher.

The helmsman’s position in Jeanneau Merry Fisher interior cabin boat is perfectly organised and exemplifies what any helmsman’s seat should look like. Adjustable seat, footrest, well-placed controls and, most importantly, an excellent helmsman’s desk. All switches are within easy reach and instruments are easy to read, mainly due to the vertical angle at which they are positioned. There is ample room for additional instruments and despite the large size, visibility over them, as in all other directions, is excellent. There is a lockable toilet under the helmsman’s desk, large enough to meet the standards expected on this type of boat. The bow section of Merry Fisher 795 for sale was reserved for a bed, which in this case the toilet took up some of the space, but this was cleverly compensated for by the angled positioning. What was lost in the enclosed lavatory was compensated for by the space ‘stolen’ under the shed bench, so that two adults will have enough space to sleep peacefully and is very useful and practical.

Merry Fisher S2 has a perfect boat navigation

The powerboat hull that adorns the Merry Fisher 795 is a not-too-high cabin that does not compromise its centre of gravity, making it suitable for the needs of modern anglers. The Cabin Cruiser boat offers stability and speed, to which the well-designed hull is by far the biggest contributor. Turns and sea glides are excellent, which we attribute to the hull’s V-profile and good longitudinal mass distribution. Of course, such a hull requires strong engine thrust, and here the Yamaha 200 HP outboard works wonders. The boat pulls up to 33 knots at full throttle and cruises relatively economically at 13 to 14 knots and 3000 rpm with 17 l/h fuel consumption, but even so we found that at just over 4000 rpm the boat cruises at an optimum speed of 18 knots with 30 l/h consumption. Test was done on Siljan lake in Sweden.

Great attention to details in 795 Series 2 boat- what’s the price?

Jeanneau has once again shown why it is the leader in this type of boat. Although many conceptually similar boats can be found on the market, the Merry Fisher 795 price certainly offers much more than most of them in Europe. The secret lies in the excellent organisation of space to make the most of the given dimensions, and this results in much more comfort than seemingly the same boats. It is clear that when dealing with large numbers, as in the case of the sale of vessels from this yard, nothing is left to chance. Great attention to detail has been paid and this is what makes the difference.

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7.19 m


2.82 m


2153 kg

Fuel tank

280 l

Water tank

100 l

Engine max

250 HP

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    Excellent performance with Yamaha 200 HP. Really appreciate Jeanneau for this new design of Merry Fisher 795 S2.

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