Arvor 230 AS

Arvor 230 is a classic semi-displacement pilothouse boat with a large cockpit and a cabin with the most necessary equipment for a multi-day stay at sea. This Arvor model, like all the others, is intended mainly for anglers, but even an average family will not mind a few days’ cruise on such a vessel.

Arvor 230 AS is a completely new model of semi-displacement boat. The AS sign in the name is an abbreviation for “asymmetrical” and does not mean that the boat is asymmetrical, but that the cabin is shifted to one of the sides. In this case it is the left side, so the transition from cockpit to bow exists only on the right side. This organisation of space has become a trademark of the vessels produced in the Brunswick Marine concern, which, in addition to Arvor, includes the Quicksilver boats.


The accessories in Arvor 230 interior boat for sale

The entrance to the wheelhouse is on the port side and is closed by a polyester door that opens to the right. The space inside the Arvor 230 AS cabin is not large, but it is very functionally arranged and fully utilised. Just next to the door on the left is a galley block made of polyester, equipped with a gas cooker and a sink also made of polyester (many marine options). When the kitchen is not in use, it can be covered with an upholstered cover and will then become additional seating. To the right of the door, on the back wall of the wheelhouse, is the helmsman’s seat, which can accommodate two people. For standing steering, the seat can be folded down by simply sliding the stainless steel pads.

What is a price for Quicksilver Captur 230 – cost of inboard diesel engine

Under the cockpit of the burgundy Quicksilver Arvor 230 powerboat is a 150-horsepower five-cylinder inboard Volkswagen turbodiesel, which we found to be the optimal choice. Some will say that’s too much, but in our opinion it’s good to have a slightly more powerful engine that allows you to cruise at around twenty knots at just over half throttle. Wear and tear is moderate, there is almost no noise, and engine life is greatly extended. The semi-displacement of the trough with keel, direct drive and classic rudder fin is a proven combination that, combined with such a powerful engine, provides very good sea capabilities. In all situations and in all cruising modes the Arvor 230 AS behaves neutrally and undoubtedly listens to everything the helmsman steers. For fishing you should visit Ånnsjön Lake in Sweden.

In summary, Arvor has offered the market a very high quality boat that can be used all year round, whatever the weather conditions. The extensive standard equipment, including a galley, chemical toilet, pressurised fresh water system, spacious stern platform, plenty of handholds and much more, along with the famous built-in Volkswagen engines, is why the 230 AS has become one of the best-selling boats in its class.

Additional information


7.30 m


2.78 m

Engine max

150 HP

Fuel tank

135 l

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