Lake Siljan is 161 metres above sea level and the area is 292 square kilometres. Together with the adjacent Orsa Lake and Insjön Lake, the area is 354 square kilometres. Siljan is located on the border between Dalarna County and Västmanland County in Sweden. It is a long, narrow lake stretching about 57 km from north to south.



The Siljan Region is a beautiful area consisting of the Siljan and Orsa Lake water systems and the surrounding terrain, as well as the area along the Siljan Ring. The region is located in Dalarna County, Sweden. The name “Siljan” comes from the word “sil”, which means “flat stone”. It was first mentioned in 1394 when it became part of the parish of Gagnef. The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age and there are many ancient monuments that have been found here. A railway was built linking the Siljan region with Falun and Borlänge. This made it easier for people to travel there and many began to settle in this beautiful area.

The meteorite impact formed Lake Siljan

The Siljan ring is the most famous and well-known impact crater in Sweden. It is located in the south of the country, near Siljan. The crater was formed by a meteorite impact that occurred about 3 000 years ago. The Siljan Ring is also one of many impact craters on Earth. However, it is one of the few still preserved today because it was on edge when it formed and therefore was not eroded away by water or wind over time.

Fish in Siljan – what kind of fish should we catch here?

The lake is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Sweden, mainly because it has many species that can be fished both from land and from a boat.

The number of fish species in Siljan varies between 12-16 depending on the time of year you are fishing. The most common fish are pike and trout, which can reach large weights in Siljan and can be fished both from land and from a boat.

The agreed joint fishing permit is the result of cooperation between the nine fishing protection areas that make up the Siljan water system. The licence is valid for trolling and fishing and applies to all nine fishing protection areas in the Siljan water system. The agreement was reached after lengthy negotiations on how to share resources and information for sustainable fishing, as well as a common licence for all nine fisheries management areas.


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