Mjörn is a lake in Västergötland, shared between Alingsås and Lerum municipalities and is part of the Göta River. The lake has a length of about 2.5 kilometres and a width of 1 kilometre, with an area of 8.5 square kilometres.

The name Mjörn comes from the Old Norse Miðgarðr (Midgard), referring to the world inhabited by humans as opposed to Jötunheimr, the world inhabited by giants.



Port on Lake Mjörn in Sweden

The surrounding water flows into the Göta River through Mjörnsån, which flows from the north side to the south-east side of the lake. It is the largest lake entirely in the landscape. The lake has an area of 6.2 km² and a depth of up to 23 metres.

The water surface is about 4 square kilometres, making it the second largest lake in Västergötland after Unden.

Fish in Mjörn – what kind of fish should we catch here?

Vättern is the sixth largest lake in Sweden. It is located in the southern part of the country and covers an area of about 3,400 km². The lake has a number of different fish species. These include trout, perch, pike and carp.

Mountain trout is a type of small fish that lives in saltwater environments such as lakes or coastal areas. They are also found in rivers but they prefer to live close to the coast where they can feed on plankton that drift past them from the sea. Neon eye is a type of marine fish that has bright yellow eyes and lives at depths from 500m to 1500m below the sea surface. They are rarely seen as they tend to hide away from sunlight which can be harmful to them due to the presence of sunlight.

The lake is a freshwater body in Sweden. The lake is a habitat for various fish species. The ID test fishery perch, bream, pike, pike-perch, walleye, sea bream, roach, norse and vendace have been caught in the lake.


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