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Special motor boat tests for anglers are organized by Brunswick Marine Europe in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, traditionally just before the Cannes Marine Salon presenting them to the journalistic community. They precede official shows for the general public interested in purchasing this remarkable brand. The Quicsilver 625 Pilothouse price model was a prototype model, made with origins from an American shipyard in Portugal. Most likely, the Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse boat will return to production at the Polish shipbuilding plants, where a significant part of the Quicksilver boats are made for the market of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Before the Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse prototype boat was released for sale, it went through a series of tests for nautical characteristics, dimensions, overall design, interior layout and finally to see if the Quicksilver Captur 625 Pilothouse was suitable for fishing, all of which took place at the Mandelieu Fair in September. The mother unit was from the popular series designed for anglers, known and loved by fishing enthusiasts in all corners of the world from Ghana to Taiwan.



Further about tests, top speeds of Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse boat at good price

It was necessary to choose a challenging place to test pilothouse boats, undoubtedly such a place is Napoule Bay on which rarely any angler is lucky to have good conditions to be able to catch his biggest fish in life . On the sea with its short and steep waves which resembled rather densely rolling our Quicksilver boat 625 Pilothouse coped sensationally from the first minutes of the cruise and apart from a slight discomfort related to the condition of the body of water, we had a lot of fun and without care in driving this very successful Quicksilver boat. Also small in size, the Quicksilver Captur 625 Weekend performed sensationally and achieved very good swimming results, confirming the performance guaranteed by Quicksilver shipyards tested in ideal conditions. Equipped with a Mercury outboard engine price with a maximum allowable power of 150 hp, it allowed the boat to reach a speed of 33 knots at an engine speed of 5400 rpm. ). At these maximum speeds, the outboard engine will achieve a fuel consumption of about 60 l/h, and it was also quite noisy as the measured noise level did not exceed 81 dB. The Quicksilver 625 boat went into the slip very quickly and already at less than 3400 rpm.

Exterior appearance to be appreciated in Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse for sale

At first glance, one can see the remarkable identity between the new Captur Pilothouse series models. The Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse boat is just a downsized Quicksilver 705 or 805 model, mistakenly considered by most. The differences between them are minor, they concern details the main difference is the interior layout and dimensions of the Quicksilver Captur 625 Pilothouse, resulting of course from the smaller size. But the shipyard genetic code of the Pilothouse series is preserved as much as possible.

Quicksilver Captur 625 Pilothouse Specifications

Like all Quicksilver boats in the Pilothouse series, the Quicksilver boat 625 Pilothouse has been built for anglers. However, it is not just an ordinary boat for sea fishing enthusiasts, as it can also be used for a longer cruise or a few hours after work. Although the yacht is small in size you will find room for equipment useful in everyday life for up to 6 people. We even managed to set up a sleeping cabin for two people under the bow deck. An additional advantage is the small galley, refrigerator, sink or chemical toilet installed here. As for fishing equipment, there is already a whole range of variety here, and in terms of fishing this is practically no different from the larger boats from quicksilver shipyard. The aft cockpit is large enough to accommodate adequate bunkers for fishing equipment and aquariums for prey or bait.

The best interior quality in Quicksilver boats

In the cabin, space is limited to 2 seats for the helmsman and crew, with room between them for a folding seat for a third person. There is ample space on the helm console for mounting various additional controls and navigation equipment. Wide-opening rear doors, side windows and a possible roof hatch provide good interior ventilation. A very useful and facilitating feature of the Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse boat is the additional helm on the cockpit, this makes it very easy to steer the boat especially when sailing alone or for maneuvering in the harbor.

Additional information


5.90 m


2.54 m

Engine max

150 HP

Fuel tank

160 l

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