Mercury 175 HP

The Mercury 175 HP efi is designed for experienced, passionate powerboaters who need versatility, unique technology, trouble-free performance and power reserves for offshore fishing, water sports, weekend recreation or racing. The 175 HP Mercury for sale is an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel engines, offering great fuel economy and low emissions thanks to the latest developments in low-emission combustion, especially gasoline. Through the use of noise-reducing coatings and refinement to perfection of engine operation, it has succeeded in making the Mercury 175 HP price much quieter than other outboard engines in its segment competition. What sets this Mercury 175 4 stroke model apart from other brands is performance, unbridled power, reliability and flexibility. Each successive model up to the current one is backed by a multitude of skilled engineers who provide Mercury engines with many innovations, forward-looking technoligies and needed solutions for the sea and various freshwater areas. Mercury 175 motor are adapted to any body of water and a wide range of boats.



Mercury outboard engines have been supervised by qualified engineers for years, supporting the Mercury 175 HP outboard with their knowledge

Backed by decades of marine power innovation and product leadership, the Mercury 175 engine price outboard delivers legendary performance and technology that moves with the times. The large capacity, thoughtfully designed four-stroke V6 heads generate plenty of torque, especially in the mid-range, and adaptive speed control maintains the desired rpm, a first in the outboard industry. 175 HP Mercury motor provide proven sound and vibration dampening for excellent boating comfort. Reliability, flexibility power and performance at your fingertips.

Distinguishing features of this uncommon Mercury 175 for sale engine :

– Continuous control and maintenance of preset speed. Regardless of constant changes in loads or water conditions, and without the need to constantly change the position of the volant in the handle, adaptive speed control technology maintains the desired RPM and set speed of the boat. This solution used on the Mercury 175 HP EFI is the world’s first of its kind in the outboard engine field.

– Easy operation. Another important distinguishing feature of the Mercury 175 its simplicity of maintenance and easy upkeep. This is due to the service hatch located on top of the engine cover. The service hatch makes it possible to routinely check the engine oil level and refill it, if necessary, without having to remove the engine cover. Pulling off the cover that protects the Mercury 175 HP outboard engine essential components, we find a stick-on notepad to record all the routine maintenance and repairs the engine has undergone recently, handy to easily and quickly check what has been done to our unit.

-Computer monitoring and control of the state of charge of the battery. As soon as the voltage of the battery approaches an undesirable level , the Mercury 175 HP price will automatically increase its revolutions in neutral gear to quickly compensate for the loss of voltage and restore it to a safe state of our battery. The automatic procedure of increasing the power of the alternator allows us to protect the battery from being completely discharged. This option is very useful when trolling when the Mercury 175 engine is running at low speed and we are using electronic devices all the time. The alternator used in the Mercury 175 HP 4 stroke has a high charging power, i.e. 20 amps at low revs and as much as 30 amps at higher revs when the handle is tilted harder, such charging intensity allows charging even two batteries (using a lossless separator) of high capacity at the same time.

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