Mercury 80 HP

Mercury 80 HP outboard engine is one of their newest products that they have released to the market. It has a four stroke, up-right design, a horizontal shaft and can handle loads up to 1000 pounds. The Mercury 80 for sale has been designed with heavy duty use in mind. It is also powerful enough to run even larger boats so it can be used for commercial use as well as personal use. In addition, it works great for those who want more power but don’t want to sacrifice any maneuverability or control. The Mercury 80 EFI engine uses the latest four-stroke technology to guarantee the user unparalleled performance. This unique performance is made possible by the 16-valve single camshaft SOHC head engine, which provides acceleration unparalleled in this segment. The advanced design of the Mercury 80 HP price intake and exhaust system and unique multi-point electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology are the mix that must guarantee the recipe for the perfect engine.



State-of-the-art monitoring solutions for continuous operation in Mercury 80 HP for sale

The new Mercury 80 hp EFI motors have developed interoperability and cooperation with the SmartCraft system, which is responsible for the overall view of the vital functions of the motorboat-mounted equipment as well as the motor itself. It collects and later presents the helmsman with detailed data on the condition of the Mercury 80 motor and its current performance, as well as depicts on the display functions such as speed, RPM, trim position, trolling speed and the ability to change this speed, and fuel pressure. Mercury’s state-of-the-art SmartCraft system brings the operation of the entire boat under control, including the fuel level percentage state of charge of the batteries and also the voltage on the batteries, and with so much hard work, it watches over the protection of the Mercury 80 outboard. This clever system collects data through sensors located in various components and quickly provides information about failures or inf information about the occurrence of a possible failure. In the event of a real malfunction, this system protects the engine from its consequences.

Mercury 80 HP price have a capacity of 2.1 l which is more than needed for this engine power

And just by applying this trick to the Mercury 80 4 stroke to use a capacity much larger than would suffice, i.e. 2.1 liters, it runs much more efficiently, which does not mean harder. This applied process contributes significantly to the increased longevity and durability of this product and, of course, leads inevitably to faster acceleration and reaching top speeds in less time. The large displacement combined with the lower weight gives the Mercury 80 outoboard engine maximum fuel economy especially at averaged cruising speeds.

For those needing speed in shallow waters, the 80 HP Mercury Jet version was created

The jet propulsion system in the Mercury 80 HP price engine makes it possible to mount it on a boat that will be destined to sail in shallow waters where the use of a traditional propeller could. Shallow lakes and rivers with its invisible underwater obstacles are a real nightmare for owners of traditional outboard engines. On these reservoirs it is possible to swim fast, fish boats only condition is to install a dynamic outboard engine Mercury 80 Jet.

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2.1 l


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