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This time we sailed a Merry Fisher 645 boat, manufactured in 2010. A boat that has been properly maintained and has a high-quality fiberglass casting does not betray its age in any way, and at the same time makes you want to buy it at a good price. Of course, the same vessels from this manufacturer in recent years have a slightly altered exterior, perhaps a few more rounded lines, but the underwater part of the hull and everything that has worked well for so many years has remained the same. So when comparing a Jeanneau 645 with the latest vessels of a similar type, there is not much difference.

Everyone has a different picture of the ideal dimensions boat. For some it is a yacht of about twenty metres, for others a boat of six metres, and for others a kayak is enough for complete enjoyment. But the old rule of thumb is that for every owner their boat is at least one metre too short. The fact is that the demand for medium-sized craft is decreasing. Megayachts and craft up to 8, maximum 10 metres are still selling well. But still, the predominant ones are from 6 to 7 meters, the cost of which is not too high, so this particular model Merry Fisher 645 for sale seems to be ideal boat.

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Merry Fisher 645 interior – good cabin boat from the Jeanneau shipyard

The Merry Fisher 645 has a hull length of 6.61 metres. It would have been much more convenient, and certainly better for these ports of ours, to have installed swim platforms that would have increased the overall length of the boat to over 7 metres. But all this can be added later in one of the marine services and you can do it yourself. A stern platform will come in handy, whether you use the boat as a fishing boat or during summer holiday weekends with your family.

The cabin interior is big enough to accommodate the helmsman and up to 4 passengers at the folding table (a good standard option). And under the bow deck there is a V-shaped berth that can comfortably accommodate two people, and of course there are side shelves. Regarding the accessories: for those who are not very demanding, there is a small chemical toilet under the bench. This equipment is sufficient for such a small motorboat and a small number of crew members.

The Jeanneau 645 has a roof window, which is good for ventilation and a lot of light comes in through it, making the cabin look bigger than it is. The space under the captain’s seat is large enough to accommodate waistcoats and ropes and other equipment. The entire wheelhouse is glazed and clear in all directions, and there are sliding glass doors leading into the cockpit, so helmsman visibility is excellent.

Weekend boat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 645 for sale: specifications

There is a bench in the centre rear of the cockpit and a lift seat on each side. On the starboard side there is a door to exit the stern and the only thing missing is a platform. In this case there is a folding ladder under the door to exit the sea.

On the floor of the Merry Fisher 645 cockpit, which can be for sale, there is a cover for the rear section so that when it is lifted we have clean and good access to all the fittings, batteries, tank and controls. There are handrails on the cabin roof to ensure safe movement towards the bow. From the Jeanneau cockpit you climb one step towards the side gangway, which are quite a decent width. The rails and cleats are adequate for the boat’s size and line diameter, and there is a standard storage compartment at the top of the bow for an anchor chain or rope.

Decent Merry Fisher 645 dimensions with only one outboard engine for still good price

The dimensions of the Merry Fisher consist of a draft of only 0.53m and a hull width of 2.54m. This allows the MF 645 for fast planing and relatively economical sailing. The bow section of the hull is slightly higher, which is certainly good for slightly heavier seas as overflow when sailing over waves is kept to a minimum. Although we cruised the boat in calm water, so it is difficult to assess exactly how it behaves in bigger waves and wind, but compared to similar vessels, and more specifically with a similar hull, we are convinced that this solution is very good.

There is no new Merry Fisher 645, but the one we tested on the UK waters was powered by a 115HP Evinrude engine, fed by a 80-litre fuel tank, which gives it plenty of autonomy for decent price. The steering is mechanical because for such a small boat and such outboard engine power a hydraulic rudder is not needed. Of course, on the cockpit dashboard there are all the necessary “clocks” for this engine, as well as an hour meter. According to him, this engine has run very little, provided it has been properly maintained and the filters and oil have been changed regularly. By the appearance of the engine, which looks very tidy, it is clear that the previous owner took good care of the boat and engine.

Although this engine is not a powerful one, with two passengers it planed very quickly, reaching a top speed of 20 knots. Fuel consumption fluctuated between 10 l/h – 15l/h.

In short, this boat from the Jeanneau 645 range is perfect for summer cruising and fishing. With a small investment, for example, if you add an aft platform, perhaps another 100 litre holding tank, one duo could easily go on a multi-day trip during the summer months traversing all of europe. In short, it was a pleasure to write a review of the Merry Fisher 645


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6.61 m


2.54 m

Fuel tank

80 l

Engine max

115 HP

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