Fountain 27

If you’ve always wanted a Fountain 27, but felt that a zoomie of this caliber was out of your reach, guess again. One of Reggie Fountain’s newest models in not only his smallest to date, but also the first to come with a single engine. The combination of smaller hull and single engine (but what an engine!) adds up to the lowest-cost Fountain yet. And that can mean the difference between dreams and reality.



Amazing powerboat style – fountain 27

Even at 27′ LOA, this machine is pure Fountain. Everything there is to love about the bigger powerboats is here- the same styling, same construction, same hull design, and the same quality components.

Granted, all Fountains need the right trim to make them perform to their potential. But Fountain boat standard linear indicators show you exactly how the drive tabs are set, and with drive trim buttons on the wheel (in addition to those on the console), getting the 27 to run just right is a snap. Kiekhaefer Zero Effort controls (also standard) help too- though it did seem strange to see a Fountain 27 boat with but one throttle and shifter.

Boat 27 small but powefull day cruiser

Even in some areas where other builders might be tempted to cut corners for the sake of a lower price tag on an “entry” model, Fountain doesn’t. Take the bolster seats. Larger Fevers have electrohydraulic seats- push a switch to drop or raise the bottom. Surprise- they work the same way on the boat 27.

The sunpad/engine hatch also operates at the flick of a switch. Again, just like bigger models of Fountains. Our test motor boat also had an impressive option: MerCruiser’s “Silent Choice” exhaust system that allows you to choose between throaty through-transom and whispering underwater exhaust. The difference in loudness is uncanny!

The view from Fountain 27 is completely unobstructed. Drive trim buttons are on both the wheel and the dash.

There’s only one main difference between this and other Fountains: the 27 is smaller. But you still have ample cockpit space, the sunpad is big enough for practical use, and there’s a cozy cuddy up forward (with a V-berth and settee) with room for a Porta-potti.

Of course, you also don’t get twin engines. But even with the standard single 545 Magnum the day cruiser reportedly tops out in the mid-60s. A glance at our test figures will show that with the optional, super-charged MerCruiser 525SC, performance is right up there with her big brothers. In short, the 27 motor boat is every inch a Fountain.


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