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Of all the boats in rally test, the Powerplay Marine was one of the most performance-oriented and most custom. Designed and built by professional offshore racer and company president Dan Weinstein. The Powerplay Sportdeck 25 is a no-nonsense, flat-out sportboat designed to compete with the best of them.

One of the most interesting features about the Powerplay boats is its unique hull design. It’s relatively wide (8’5″) for a true high-performance craft. With two nearly full-length lifting strakes and a 12-inch keel pad to maximize lift and reduce wetted surface, the Sportdeck 25 was remarkably stable. She thundered through the chop at over 70 mph. The wider hull design seems to eliminate tenderness and chine walking. Wide chines allow her to really grab the water and carve through tight turns at high speeds.


Incredible speed and pure fun on Powerplay 25 marine

With twin Mercury 2.4 EFI outboards, acceleration is near instantaneous. The 25 is available with a variety of both outboard and stern drive power packages. And though the cockpit layout is fairly traditional (two bucket helm seats plus aft benchseat), the helm station is not. To enchance the viewing angle, all instruments are individually mounted. The oversized engine trim and Kiekhaefer tab controls are placed for easy reach at any speed.

Powerplay’s Sportdeck 25 is designed to be run while seated, which is why optional flip-up deflectors are available and strongly recommended.

The wheel is rigged for action, complete with controls for both wheel tension and lock-to-lock range. That’s important feature on a true high-performance machine like this. There’s plenty of room beneath the foredeck for stowage or a V-berth, although access to this space is limited. But if you’ll be using that area regularly, tell Powerplay marine. They’ll put a centerline cutout in the dash to failitate entrance and exit. That’s the adventage of dealing with a small company that intentionally build only 50 motor boats per year: you call the shots.

To sum up, the Powerplay Sportdeck 25 is not a boat for the masses, nor is it a boat for the novice. But if you’ve reached a level of sophistication in your high-performance boating where you’re ready for a no-holds-barred custom thriller built to your demanding specifications, call Powerplay.

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