Merry Fisher 755

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The Merry Fisher 755 is a classic family cruiser. It has a hull with modern but balanced lines, which together with a few design details form a very harmonious and pleasing whole. Precisely harmoniously composed details add to the elegance that this boat leaves at first glance, skilfully hiding any structural concessions made in favour of greater functionality. The needle made of stainless steel frame with teak slats allows for quite easy boarding from the bow. At the very bow there is a large side compartment with a winch mounted on the transverse bridge of the warehouse and the associated remote control. The cover is asymmetrical, which makes it easy to open despite its large dimensions. The side facing upside down has a slight incline for a smooth passage of the anchor chain.


When the average helmsman thinks of the ideal boat, he usually has a small family cabin cruiser in his head, which develops the speed of a motorboat and can comfortably host a family of four on a summer holiday. The aim is also to go fishing with friends, as is done with Pilothouse boats. The vast majority would agree to a boat with such qualities even before they see it, provided of course that it fits their finances.

The outboard engine in Merry Fisher 755 – Yamaha never-ending cooperation

The Merry Fisher 755 is powered by a four-stroke Yamaha F 150. Although the price does not stand out from the competition, Jeanneau is still a reputable manufacturer, so you will always catch a flaw rather than highlight all its qualities.

The bow cleats are very well positioned so there is no danger of jamming. Directly behind the anchor compartment, the cabin rises in a semi-circle shape to a height of about ten centimetres, which naturally increases towards the stern. In the middle of the cabin roof, there are windows which provide enough light in the cabin but also distract those who want to sunbathe on the bow.

The half-boards do not have a very raised dead zone, so the seemingly narrow alleyway seems even wider when you pass through it.

The superstructure, i.e. the wheelhouse, is fully glazed and the supporting pillars are painted black, which gives an even better visual impression. The windshield is one-piece, there is no load-bearing post in the middle, while the side glazing has smaller sliding windows. The wheelhouse roof is rounded with handrail recesses, a roof opening in the middle and solar panels. Descent to the cockpit is extremely simple and safe thanks to steps and railings in the upper cabin.

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7.4 m


2.78 m


0.46 m


2700 kg

Number of berths


Fuel tank

285 l

Water tank

100 l

Black water tank

64 l

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