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That day I was very excited to have the opportunity to test Cobia boats. The morning turned out to be very pleasant, light breeze, sunrise, warm air. I got on the boat and sailed away. Let me say that I am more convinced to stand behind the wheel than to sit. We have better visibility and it is easier to manoeuvre at high speed. In many boats, standing behind the wheel is too close to the steering wheel while sitting down. Insufficient space for the driver is an affliction that affects some boats and then it is also difficult to drive while standing. The Cobia San Marino 225 ESC weighs 3440 pounds and thanks to the slightly raised front deck and the well chosen depth of the hull, you can drive well both sitting and standing.


The comfortable upholstered bucket seat has a good range of adjustment, both up and down as well as forward and backward. Moving the seat backwards as much as possible will give enough room for tall people. The cobia boats are very steerable, it is well guided and the well arranged dashboard with all controls and switches allows us to easily see all information. It has to be admitted that for those who like to sit instead of standing, the seat will be very comfortable. Both the passenger and driver also have sufficient legroom thanks to the fully adjustable seats. The downside is the lack of handles when standing. Standing up can be a bit more difficult in difficult weather conditions.

A solid family cobia boats

The boat itself is equally well designed. Access to the upper part of the cockpit is provided by a moulded step (note that the lower and upper part are covered with an anti-slip material) which provides access to the front deck through a central, hinged passage in the window frame. The passageway is surrounded by a 3/8″ hardened glass, which is placed rigidly, so it can be used as a handle when boarding. In cobia boat there is a self-draining anchor compartment at the bow. Many constructors at that time omitted to install such an anchor compartment, and this is a very convenient and practical feature, especially when we have to anchor quickly in case of some kind of failure likes another random event. Despite the small size of the cabin, there is surprisingly much space inside. There are upholstered seats at each end of the cabin.

The V-berth is nearly 7 1/2″ wide down the centreline and almost as wide across at the widest part. Thanks to the mirror front bulkhead, we think there is more room in the cabin. In the aft bulkhead there is a glass frame with a washbasin and counter. The portable toilet is located under the raised part of the berth. There are also various lockers. Acrylic double doors and a cast hinged hatch also made of acrylic are a good protection. In the fuselage, there are openable ports on the right and left side of the upper part of the hull and an acrylic foredeck hatch, which provide ventilation.

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