Checkmate Persuader

Checkmate Boats introduced six completely new models last fall, including three closed-deck sportboats and three bowriders. To develop these six new models, which comprise the Persuader series, Checkmate began by building the largest hull first. This 23’4″ model (Checkmate Persuader) was then shortened twice to produce two siblings, one 21’9″, the another 20’2″.


Checkmate boats are incredible fast amoung thier American water friends

Two types of foredeck were developed for each of these three hulls: an enclosed and “long” deck, and an open bowrider. The three long-deck versions, designated by length in feet and inches, are the 235, 219, and 203. The Checkmate Persuader bowriders are the 234, 218, and 202. Together they offer just about any size or type of boat you could dream of.

Waterski enthusiasts will appreciate that tow rope eyes are standard equipment on all six models. However, Checkmate boats suggest that the four smallest boats (including the 219 shown here) are best suited for waterskiing as they are lighter and plane more quickly.

According to the company, the Checkmate Persuader 219, powered by a single 250-hp MerCruiser 350 Magnum, will plane in 3,5 secconds, and reach a top speed of 65 mph. With the optional MerCruiser 7.4L Bravo One top speed jumps to 70 mph, and expect to see 75 mph from the 350-hp MerCruiser 454 Magnum, according to Checkmate boat.

All six boats use a modified -V hull with 20-degree deadrise at the transom and deepening significantly from amidships to the bow. This steep angle at the keel helps the boat cut through head seas and resist sliding sideways in hard turns. Two sets of full-length strakes enhance lift for efficient planing, while a reverse-deadrise chine not only helps with lift, but keeps the ride dry by deflecting spray away from the passenger area.

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